Play, Earn, Master the Game

Play, Earn, Master the Game

We've launched a staking pool, and it was fully subscribed in just 2 hours! Now, you can claim your rewards daily. Enjoy the benefits of $GIA and BNB rewards

Presale Completed!

Total Contributors: 433
1 BNB = 3,256,562.933 GIA
⚡Live on PancakeSwap: 23/02/2024 19:00 UTC
⚡⚡⚡Coinstore Listing: 01/03/2024

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Join the ultimate gaming adventure! Explore strategy, adventure, puzzle, and sports games. Earn Gamia tokens as you play and become part of a vibrant gaming community. Your next big adventure awaits

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Our Games

1st Phase
Mana Clash

Mana Clash is a strategic web3-based card game where players harness digital assets to cast spells, summon creatures, and battle opponents in a decentralized, blockchain-powered fantasy universe.

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Token Utility

$GIA, every transaction incurring a 4% tax, converting half to BNB for marketing and distributing the rest to holders.

Cross-Game Ecosystem

Seamlessly transfer assets across diverse games, enhancing the gaming experience.

NFT Integration

Unique, tradeable NFT assets, providing players ownership and rarity.

Sustainable Economy

Carefully balanced tokenomics to maintain a stable and growing economy.

Community Events

Regular, engaging events and tournaments with rewards to strengthen community bonds.


At Gamia, we bring innovation to the gaming world, fostering profitable opportunities
and creating an engaging gaming ecosystem that evolves with you.


Total Supply: 10,000,000,000
$GIA applies a 4% fee to each purchase and sale transaction, redistributing this fee to its holders in BNB. This strategy incentivizes active participation and promotes the token's value by encouraging long-term investment.

Presale & Liquidity

Team Vesting

Comunity Airdrops

Gaming Ecosystem & Partnership

CEX listings

RS Distrubution

Our vision is to enable support for multiple platforms with our technology.

Our vision for this blockchain gaming platform is to create an ecosystem where gamers can seamlessly connect and play across various platforms, fostering a truly inclusive and immersive gaming experience.


$GIA Token Launch
  • $GIA Token Launch
  • Launch a pre-sale to the broader crypto community
  • Listing on PancakeSwap
  • Listing on Major Exchanges
  • Marketing and Community Building
  • Staking mechanism for $GIA token
Multi-Game Ecosystem
  • Game Development and Integration
  • Develop a diverse range of games across different genres.
  • Integrate these games into the Gamia platform
  • Launch an NFT marketplace for in-game items.
Community Engagement
  • Community Events and Tournaments
  • Create educational modules about blockchain and NFTs.
  • Enhance the platform with social features
Sustainability and Expansion
  • Encourage independent developers and content creators to contribute to the platform.
  • Implement reward and loyalty programs to incentivize active and long-term users.
Innovation and Beyond
  • Expand the platform to other blockchain networks for increased interoperability.
  • Stay at the forefront of blockchain gaming technology and innovation to ensure Gamia remains a leader in the industry.

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Holders of $GIA tokens earn BNB for every transaction (buying or selling) as passive income.